11th June 2020, London
18th June 2020, Manchester
20th November 2020, London


Developing a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum that strives to close the attainment gap between the most and least advantaged students.

Session 1: Intent

  • What are the new inspection demands for your curriculum?
  • Where might we be getting the curriculum wrong?
  • What do you want students to learn?
  • How to put powerful knowledge at the heart of your curriculum.
  • Understand the differences between cultural capital, cultural literacy and ‘being cultured’
  • Breadth vs depth – which should be prioritised?
  • Curriculum coherence – does your curriculum tell a clear story?
  • What’s the opportunity cost? Can you have your cake and eat it?

Session 2: Implementation

  • Design a curriculum based on how your students learn.
  • Strike the right balance between success and struggle.
  • Understand the power of motivation and design a curriculum that build students’ resilience
  • Unpick cognitive load theory – how to balance task difficulty with available resources.
  • Embed desirable difficulties – how to implement findings from cognitive science in your curriculum design (from spacing, retrieval practice, to the hypercorrection effect).

Session 3: Impact

  • How do you know if students have learned what you intended?
  • Uncouple reporting and assessment.
  • Explore what types of assessment you need and what you don’t.
  • Rethink assessment to be able to measure progress succinctly.
  • Use comparison to effectively assess subjective subjects.

Who should attend

Open to primary and secondary school leaders and subject leaders.


  • 1 delegate place £289*
  • Additional delegates £259*
  • Full Day Inset: £2,000*
  • Half Day/Twilight: £1,800*

* Plus VAT





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