Andy Cope

Andy Cope Andy describes himself as a "professional tainer, qualified †eacher˛ au†hor and learning junkie". Rave reviews of his unique approach †o professional developmen† from businesses and schools throughout the UK, Middle East and Southenn Africa are testament to the massive and immediate impact that his methods have on individuals and organisations. He is †he founder of 'The Act of Brilliance' and a prolific author. Andy's training days are uplif†ing, infotmative, down−†o−earth and exceedingly funny.

Developing High Impact Teams Tried, tested and proven approach for long-term organisational change

Research has demonstrated that the most successful leaders of change in schools invest heavily in raising staff morale˛ and focus on attitudinal rather than organisational change. Your staff are your best asset and your best resource for change. You need them to be inspired and enthused and performing at their best. You certainly don't need them living in fear of 'The Inspector'˛ exhausted and counting down the days to the end of term! Supported by a huge body of research demonstrating that happier people are more productive people˛ Andy's course will give you the edge as a leader by giving you the tools to deliver the 'Happiness Advantage' for you˛ your staff and your pupils.

Establish a framework for managing change through people

  • Understand the thinking and leadership skills needed to thrive in times of constant change
  • Discover the latest research on the links between positive psychology and productivity
  • Learn the secrets of transformational leaders

Put theory into practice

In this practical and packed training you will learn how to:

  • Emotional engagement: how to tune into other people and inspire them to be their best
  • Professional development: top tips and techniques to make performance management positive and empowering
  • Impact: how to energise and motivate yourself and others
  • Bouncing back: techniques to help staff deal with setbacks quickly and regain momentum
  • Planning: how to set and achieve seismic goals… and how to use 4 minutes productively

Draw on a library of practical resources

Practical approaches and strategies you can implement straight away from the theories of transformational leadership, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, belief systems, corporate energy, influence and impact. Grounded in theory but not a single big word in sight!

Brilliant outcomes
After attending this training you will be able to:

  • Massively increase staff morale
  • Build high performance teams
  • Create a whole−school−wide, whole−school− deep, 'can do, will do' culture
  • Cultivate relationships that have a powerful impact on teaching and learning
  • Develop capacity for sustained improvement by increasing job satisfaction, reducing stress, increasing productivity and tackling burnout
  • Secure progress with staff who are ready to embrace change and prepared to be flexible


  • Whole day INSET
  • Half day INSET
  • Twilight
  • Keynote speaker
  • 7−7 Session

Who will benefit

  • Headteachers and Deputy Heads
  • Principals and Vice Principals
  • System Leaders


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