Andy Vass

Andy Vass Andy has spent the past 35 years as a teacher, trainer and coach, working across the UK and internationally to support sustained improvement. Andy learned early on in his career that it is what the teacher does, rather than what the child does, that is the deciding influence in most classroom interactions and this led him to develop his work in coaching and mentoring with both classroom teachers and school leaders. Behaviour, relationships, communication and a positive learning culture – these are all part of the emotionally intelligent school that Andy's work helps develop.

"Andy's coaching has had a profound effect on changing the culture of our school. It has helped generate better leaders and better learners."

Coaching – an invaluable leadership tool

As a leader, you are judged by the results generated by your teaching staff. An essential test of your leadership, therefore, is your ability to help those teachers become stronger and more capable.

Coaching is a flexible and natural way of enabling people to grow and flourish. The aim of this INSET is to open your eyes to coaching as an approach that enables powerful learning conversations. These conversations ultimately lead to individuals achieving their full potential. Through demonstration and interactive activities, Andy will show you how adopting a coaching attitude, into your performance management approach will lead to a culture of outstanding teaching and learning in your school.

Training outcomes:

You'll learn how to integrate coaching naturally in to your leadership style and:

  • Establish an ambitious vision for your school and encourage a culture of high-quality teaching
  • Impart the recognition and value staff and pupils need to fulfil their potential to deliver outstanding lessons
  • Develop your confidence and commitment to move into changeable and challenging times
  • Use coaching formally or informally and in any context to help others play to their strengths
  • Demonstrate to Ofsted how your teachers are being supported to continually improve their performance

Learn skills and approaches you can put into immediate positive effect, including how to:

  • Create a shift from negative to positive attitudes and behaviours
  • Manage difficult feedback conversations
  • Understand and overcome the psychological blocks to change
  • Think imaginatively and creatively through conversation
  • Encourage solution-focused thinking to trigger motivation and commitment to change
  • Raise staff aspiration levels and create conditions in which they can thrive
  • Be an emotionally intelligent leader
  • Use coaching in meetings to improve efficiency and engagement
  • Improve your own personal resilience and influence
  • Create a coaching culture as part of your performance management programme for all staff


  • Whole day INSET
  • Half day INSET
  • Twilight
  • Keynote speaker
  • 1-1 Session


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