Jim Roberson

Jim Roberson Jim has spent the last 10 years working with some of the most challenging young people in the UK, developing a unique classroom-based strategy he calls the 'Disciplined Approach'. Whether he's working with experienced classroom practitioners, struggling supply teachers, students themselves or even the police, Jim is able to share powerful, practical, common-sense strategies that bring out the best from some of the most demanding and hard-to-reach young people.

The Discipline Philosophy

Jim believes that school should be the place where you learn all you need to know to succeed in life, whatever form that success may take. Most importantly, in his view, you have to learn discipline. For Jim, behaviour is the B-word and he forbids mention of it. Discipline, on the other hand, is neatly described not as something others do to you to get you to behave, nor even as something you do to yourself, but rather as what you do for yourself. In this training Jim will share with you the key principles and strategies you should adopt to enable even the most challenging student in your school to 'do' discipline for themselves, and reap the priceless reward of success in education and life.

Who will benefit

This training is for anyone who wants to change the negative and disruptive attitudes of young people and instead help them develop a positive approach to learning and life.


  • Whole day INSET
  • Half day INSET
  • Twilight
  • Keynote speaker
  • 1-1 Session

'Tools, approaches and strategies for immediate positive effect

  • RAP – Respect, Accountability and Preparation
  • Critical decision making techniques to help students think before they act
  • Teaching + Coaching = Understanding
  • How to use sport as a discipline 'crossover'
  • Giving the gift of enthusiasm
  • The Art – how to develop positive mindsets
  • Creating discipline action plans

Training outcomes

  • In this inspirational training, Jim will share his unique and proven approach to discipline, passing on the practical wisdom that will enable you to:
  • maximise pupil progress by reducing disruptive behaviour and improving school attendance levels
  • make exclusions a last resort, with powerful alternative interventions and prevention strategies to target at-risk and disaffected students
  • raise student's achievement and aspiration levels by using coaching to develop selfreliant, independent learners dedicated to putting in what it takes to succeed
  • keep your focus on delivering outstanding teaching by handing back the responsibility of discipline to your students
  • ensure all your students are given the opportunity to develop, change, grow and improve
  • embed a whole-school discipline ethos that will guarantee significant improvements in pupil progress and encourage your students


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