Caroline Bentley-Davies

Caroline Bentley-Davies Caroline is an exceptionally talented trainer whose courses and coaching have helped many a teacher achieve the much sought after 'outstanding' grade. She has a wide range of experience in education as a teacher and middle leader in three schools, inspector and school improvement advisor. She is still an active practitioner and teaches demonstration lessons in schools around the UK and overseas. Her passion is coaching teachers to help them improve their practice. Caroline is the best-selling author of 'How to be an Amazing Teacher' and 'Outstanding Lessons Pocketbook'.


2014 and beyond

Every teacher has the potential to be amazing. Pupils can make exceptional progress, enjoy and achieve in every classroom. However with frequent changes to inspection criteria, examinations and curricula, achieving outstanding teaching can seem impossible. All too often, the 'how?' question is left unanswered. This course boils down the theories, drowns out the noise and strips back the myths and misconceptions. It develops an understanding of the key considerations you need to make when planning and teaching your lessons, and offers tried and tested tools and techniques. If you're seeking practical strategies and solutions for outstanding lessons every time, this is the course for you.

Training Benefits

After this training your staff will be able to:

  • Define what makes an 'outstanding lesson' in simple terms
  • Free yourself from myths and misconceptions
  • Apply knowledge of what inspectors are looking for
  • Increase interactive teaching using an expanded repertoire of techniques
  • Engage and motivate all pupils with diverse strategies
  • Supercharge the impact of marking and feedback
  • Deploy support staff effectively
  • Employ six steps to build pupil independence
  • Make improving literacy part of every lesson
  • Show progress across time with easy methods

Interactive sessions include

Planning Amazing Lessons

  • Evaluate different strategies
  • Identify the most appropriate for you
  • Pinpoint barriers to success and find solutions
Acing Observations
  • Learn what inspectors look for in lessons
  • Understand what the latest inspection criteria means for you
  • Know the questions an inspector may ask
  • Be confident in your ability to teach amazing lessons...under observation and every day.


  • Whole day INSET
  • Half day INSET
  • Twilight
  • Keynote speaker
  • 1-1 Session


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