David Didau

David Didau Driven to cultivating whole school literacy success through transformational teaching and learning tactics his methods will motivate and up skill disadvantaged students to close the 'literacy gap'. His blog (learningspy.co.uk) is a quick witted snippet of classroom brilliance and his books (The Secret of Literacy: Making the implicit, explicit, and the best seller, The Perfect Ofsted English Lesson) offer practical strategies for improving learning to suit the strictest budgets and most rigorous scrutiny. His unparalleled enthusiasm in improving pupils' literacy married with his chalkface experience as Teaching and Learning Coach for the Academies Enterprise Trust, and in the recent past as Director of English and Literacy means he understands the pressures faced by teachers and offers high impact, low effort tactics to ensure outstanding literacy permeates every lesson across the curriculum.

  • Literacy in the world of the new Ofsted framework
  • Acknowledging the 'Matthew Effect' in the fight to close the attainment gap
  • Shifting focus from literacy to best practice within teaching and learning
  • Motivating all teachers to step up to the responsibility of embedding and improving literacy across the curriculum

Who will benefit

This whole-school training is designed for all staff at secondary level to raise literacy standards and embed a rigorous whole-school literacy plan.


  • Whole day INSET
  • Half day INSET
  • Twilight
  • Keynote speaker
  • 1-1 Session

Training aims and outcomes

  • Creating a shared literacy vision and crosscurriculum strategy, plus a o-excuse culture for pupils and staff
  • Motivating all subject leaders to be passionate about high standards of literacy for every pupil
  • Reflecting on and improving their current teaching and learning ethos
  • Taking some small steps that have a major impact

Blur subject boundaries and move English forward in every lesson by applying:

  • Literacy – key strategies for reading, writing and spelling
  • Slow writing – writing with care and attention
  • The mathematics of writing
  • Consistent techniques for question formulation
  • Clear frameworks for feedback and assessment
  • The perfect balance of analysis and creativity in lesson plans
  • Marginal gains theory

Tools, techniques and strategies to:

  • Give all staff the confidence to teach literacy skills explicitly
  • Give students consistent, cross-curricular messages about reading, writing and oracy
  • Create 'literacy-rich' classroom and whole-school environments
  • Make literacy an integral part of every lesson plan
  • Deliver outstanding Ofsted literacy standards
  • Promote independent student writing and reading
  • Engage parents in supporting school efforts to promote literacy
  • Help students assess and improve their work
  • Evaluate and measure the impact of your literacy initiatives and track pupil progress


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