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Nick Tiley-Nunn Nick is Deputy Head at a school in Suffolk and in the recent past Assistant Head at the 'outstanding' rated Radnor House Independent school where Ofsted described his teaching as 'inspirational'. In overcoming his own fear of teaching maths, he developed his teaching to an outstanding level, committed to making learning enjoyable for both pupils and teachers alike. He was recently described by author and Guardian writer Phil Beadle as 'a talent at maths teaching on a national level' for his effortless ability to combine traditional and creative learning to powerful effect.

"Amazing! Surpassed all expectations and one of the best courses I've come across in 36 years of teaching"
Kate Reid, Year 6 Teacher, Springwell School

The problem with numeracy

Mathematics is like Marmite - some of us wince at the very thought of it and some of us can't get enough of the stuff! However, mathematics is 'the most fun you can have at primary level' – when you go about it the right way. From 'Skittle Sharks' to 'The Functionator', this training aims to provide any nervous, reluctant, inexperienced teacher with ideas and the confidence boost to kick start their mathematical creativity. Leave those negative thoughts at the door and Nick will help you find a new enthusiasm for maths that you'll be bursting to pass on to the children you teach

Training overview

In this practical and packed training you will learn how to:

  • overcome any trepidation about mathematics that is holding your teaching back
  • revamp your teaching approach with a range of strategies and activities that will make you think twice about reaching for textbooks and worksheets
  • harness the power of physicality and movement in mathematics
  • create a problem-solving culture that fosters learning beyond the classroom
  • use drama and story-telling to create resilient learners who prefer problems to solutions
  • generate scenarios and contexts that teach mathematical thinking rather than just numeracy
  • encourage your pupils to make links with mathematics across the curriculum, with activities to help them apply their mathematical knowledge in science and other subjects

Key 'take-aways' for teachers

Develop a renewed energy and enthusiasm for mathematics that will help you to:

  • inspire both pupils and colleagues to make mathematics an engaging, exciting and relevant subject
  • enrich whole-school mathematics teaching with activities that teachers and pupils alike will love
  • develop a problem-solving mentality that encourages learning beyond the classroom in pupils from an early age
  • transform your mathematics teaching style with access to a toolkit full of 'essential' resources

Who will benefit

  • Heads and Deputies
  • KS1 and KS2 teachers
  • NQTs and NQT Coordinators


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