Claire Gadsby

Claire Gadsby

Claire has more than 15 years of teaching experience and was Head of English at her last school. She prides herself on being very close to the realities of life in the classroom and regularly team-teaches or delivers demonstration lessons for teachers to observe and critique.

Speaker Topic and Themes

Assessment for Learning | Making every lesson ‘outstanding’ | Developing Independent Learners | Help learners take ownership of their own work 

Who is Claire Gadsby 

Oxford based, and with a Master’s degree specifically in educational management, Claire is ideally placed to help senior managers to address whole school development priorities and is known for her innovative approaches to CPD and training. Her on-going research means that she remains at the cutting edge of educational practice. 
Claire has worked in a range of settings across all phases of education, and across the breadth of the school improvement agenda, both in the UK and overseas, however, she remains grounded in classroom practice and in interpreting all issues from the perspective of learning and progress. 

Crucially, she is regularly invited to team teach or to deliver her ‘Radical Revision Workshops’ © to learners meaning that she remains very close to the reality of the classroom. 

Claire has written materials for the National Strategies and Oxford University Publishing. 

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