Jim Roberson

Jim Roberson

Jim Roberson believes that school should be the place where you learn all you need to learn to succeed in life, whatever form that success may take. Most importantly, in his view, you have to learn discipline. For Jim, behaviour is the B-word and he forbids mention of it. Discipline, on the other hand, is neatly described not as something others do to you to get you to behave nor even as something you do to yourself, but rather as what you do for yourself. 

Speaker Topic and Themes

Improve behaviour through long-term empowering strategies | Engage ‘tough’ hard-to-reach groups with progress-enhancing strategies | Increase confidence with a winning formula to tackle bad behaviour 

Who is Jim Roberson   
Jim has spent over ten years working with some of the most challenging young people in the UK, developing a unique classroom-based strategy he calls the ‘Disciplined Approach’. Whether he’s working with experienced classroom practitioners, struggling supply teachers, students themselves or even the police, Jim is able to share powerful, practical, common-sense strategies that bring out the best from some of the most demanding and hard-to-reach young people. It is an approach with 20 years of research and development behind it. It has been proven to work with even the toughest of kids, and better still, it’s a long-term, self-sustaining solution.

The Disciplined Approach is so powerful that some teachers say it changed their lives both inside and outside of school. The tools it contains are not just about ‘behaviour management’ (in fact, the ‘B’ word is banned in Jim’s training sessions…) but cultivating the practices, the discipline, for success in all aspects of life. Discipline is defined as not something others do to you to get you to behave, nor something you do to yourself, but rather what you do for yourself.

Jim’s training and support will help you to get the best from learners, whether this means overcoming challenging behaviour or coaching gifted and talented academics and sportspeople to achieve peak performance. 

An ex-American Football Pro player and coach, Jim how works and lives in England, helping schools to prepare young people for success in life, no matter what form that success comes in. He is a champion of young people and his approach to instilling discipline and respect is rooted in respect and compassion. He works successfully with young people from all walks of life.

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