David Didau

David Didau

David is one of the most influential thinkers on education in the UK and is the thinking teachers’ teacher. He believes that teachers should improve, not because they’re not good enough but because they can be even better. His training has been described variously as being “like bottled lightning”, “throwing a grenade into a still pond” and “quite good”. 

Speaker Topic and Themes

Curriculum Design | Outstanding Literacy Coordinator | Behaviour management | Whole-school literacy | Implementing findings from cognitive psychology 

Who is David Didau   

After 15 years as a teacher, in which he led 2 English departments and was an Assistant Head, he is now a freelance trainer, consultant, conference speaker, provocateur and writer, and consulted on the July 2014 version of the Ofsted Inspection Handbook. His award winning blog, The Learning Spy, is one of most influential education blogs in the world and he is also the author of the best-selling, The Perfect English Lesson, The Secret of Literacy: Making the Implicit Explicit, Why Everything You Know About Education is Wrong! and Making Kids Clever: A manifesto for closing the advantage gap 

His work on literacy focuses on pupils’ language skills by using talk as a lever for cognitive change, developing pupil independence through explicit modelling and scaffolding. 
As well as offering a range of training and consultancy on English and whole school literacy, David has made a name for himself by presenting the cutting-edge of education in a way that is accessible, practical and challenging. He specialises in helping schools to become ‘research engaged’ and is particularly interested in helping schools implement professional development that helps teachers improve pupil outcomes.

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