Martin Robinson

Martin Robinson

Martin Robinson is something of an educational maverick, a maverick 
wedded to the science and art of outstanding practice. Amidst political 
storms around education, Martin has mapped out a progressive approach 
that thrills ‘traditionalists’ and ‘liberals’ alike, creating unity in a common 
cause. He draws on expertise in teaching, learning, creativity, 
communication and performance with stunning results.

Speaker Topic and Themes

INSET day | Group workshops | One-to-one coaching | Consultancy | Keynote

With 20 years of experience in London state schools under his belt, Martin has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a Teacher, Head of Department, AST, member of SLT, QCA Associate and Lead Learning practitioner in Creativity for the SSAT. 

Throughout that time, Martin developed, honed and refined a unique and winning approach to teaching and learning. Trivium 21c delves into the past to discover how the best minds in history learned and were taught, and brings it bang up to date. Shunning fireworks teaching, it is a sustainable and proven approach to outstanding teaching and learning. The trivium’s three pronged approach emancipates minds to think freely and think critically, gives voice through outstanding communication skills, and presence through polished oracy. Tried and tested in challenging state schools in London and Birmingham, Martin’s approach gets the best from and for all young people. Martin’s mission as an educator has always been, and remains, to develop young people with a flicker of rebellion alongside the ability to traverse within society as full citizens, creative sparks who can also contribute. 

Improving ‘teacher talk’ is also an area in which Martin has a wealth of expertise. His opinion on the “teacher talk’ debate? “Sounding into ears can be a very effective way of teaching, if you do it effectively.” A former drama teacher, Martin is an expert in enhancing ‘stage presence’ and developing enthralling presentation skills. Martin will teach you the secrets of great orators and help you to identify and enhance your own style. 

Martin Robinson is the author of ‘Trivium 21c: Preparing young people for the future with lessons from the past.”

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