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Our response to Covid-19

To ensure the health and safety of our customers and our people, Teachology Ltd is implementing additional measures to offer peace of mind at our venues. These include enhanced and thorough cleaning, Safe distancing will be adhered to wherever possible and we will also be offering a simplified hot food service prepared in a Covid-safe, monitored environment directly to our customers.

Science led cleaning

  1. We are working in collaboration with Cleanology, the premier cleaning specialist.
  2. Quality focused sanitisation approach with ISO accreditations awards.
  3. Each venue (Etc.venues) is audited by Navitas (formerly the European Safety Bureau) - Covid Controlled Certification Scheme.

Highly trained teams

  1. Staff fully trained on social distancing and new hygiene measures.
  2. Teams supplied with the latest Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  3. Smart shift rotations to avoid unnecessary team exposure.

Rooms adapted for social distancing

  1. 25% more space between tables.
  2. Social distancing signage that clearly reminds everyone but without imposing

Touch-free food offering

  1. Prepacked but delicious 'grab-and-go' meals created by onsite chefs.
  2. Certification of highest standards of cleaning, front and back of house.



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